5 November، 2021

Functions of food

Food is especially important for keeps. To be healthy and active, we should always definitely have enough food. The food we tend to eat ought to be safe and wealthy altogether the nutrients for our body desires.

Food provides our body with what they must

  1. keep alive, be active, move and work;
  2. Build new cells and tissues for growth;
  3. keep healthy and heal themselves;
  4. Forestall and fight infections.

The functions of food may be loosely classified into 3 main classes.

  1. Physiological functions of food


The physiological functions of food may be any sub-divided as follows: 

  1. Energy giving


This cluster includes foods wealthy in sugar, fats, and proteins. Energy is outlined in terms of kg calories and so one gram of sugar offers four kcal, one gram of supermolecule offers four kcal, while one gram of fat offers nine kcal. This cluster is also loosely divided into 2 groups:

  1. Cereals, pulses, loopy and oilseeds, roots, and tubers.
  2. straightforward carbohydrates like sugars, fats, and oils.
  3. Body Building:


The foods we tend to eat become the U.S. so, one amongst the foremost necessary functions of food is that of building the body. they are classified into 2 groups:

  1. Milk, egg, meat, and fish: they are wealthy in supermolecule of high biological price. These proteins have all the essential amino acids in the correct proportion for the synthesis of body tissues.
  2. Pulses, oilseeds, and nuts: they are wealthy in supermolecule however might not have all the essential amino acids needed by the physique.
  3. protecting and restrictive operate


Foods’s wealthy in supermolecule, vitamins, and minerals have restrictive functions within the body e.g., keeping the guts beat, water balance, and temperature. protecting foods are loosely classified into 2 teams.

  1. Foods are wealthy in vitamins, minerals, and proteins of high biological price e.g., milk, egg, fish, and liver.
  2. Foods are wealthy in bound vitamins and minerals solely e.g., inexperienced foliose vegetables and fruits.


  1. Psychological Functions of food


The second major run of food is that the psychological run. Food should additionally satisfy bound emotional desires. These embrace sense of security, love, and focus. everybody folks belong to a specific culture with its own distinctive food habits characteristics of that culture and caste.


  1. Social event of Food


Food and feeding have vital social means. Food is additionally an emblem of our social life Sharing food with the other person implies social acceptance. once you share a meal with somebody, you are expressing your acceptance of the relationship and respect for that person. Food may be a medium through that we tend to categorical our happiness. for instance, feasts are given at specific stages of life, like birth, birthday, wedding, etc.

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