23 October، 2021

Physical Health and Wellness

Explore Physical Health

Physical health involves creating sensible decisions once it comes to:

  1. Alcohol


Not everybody at element 106 is drinking.

Most students WHO favor drink, plunge into low-risk ways in which (drink during an approach that minimizes negative consequences).

The selection to not drink is often a low-risk choice. despite you decide on to drink in the future, you will select to not drink later.


  1. Flu interference


  1. Avoid shut contact the largest amount as potential, avoid shut contact with those who are unit sick?
  2. When your area unit sick, keep your distance from others to safeguard them from obtaining sick too.
  3. Stay home after your area unit sick. you ought to not move to categories, work, or take part in social activities. Not reaching public places can ease stop others from catching your ill health.


   3.. Illness hindrance


  1. Go to counseled check-ups (physical, eye, and dental).
  2. Be a partner in your health along with your health care supplier – share data on symptoms and health, raise queries, ensure you perceive, and take part in decision-making concerning recommendations for care.
  3. Do monthly breast and/or gonad exams.
  4. Listen to your body and respond befittingly and learn to acknowledge early signs of ill health.
  5. Stop your use of tobacco merchandise and shield yourself against second-hand smoke.
  6. Use any prescription or non-prescription medications solely as counseled and do not share with others.


  1. Nutrition


  1. Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables at each meal or snack
  2. Start the day with an alimentary breakfast consisting of grains, protein, calcium, and fruit or vegetables.
  3. Relax and luxuriate in your meals. supply yourself time to savor the pleasure of feeding.
  4. Eat slowly and heedfully. listen to style, textures, flavors, and therefore the look of food.
  5. Accept and love your body and everyone it will for you. enable solely positive thoughts and comments concerning your body.


  1. Body Movement


  1. There are unit varied health advantages to obtaining your body moving!
  2. Being active helps keep healthy bones, muscles, and joints.
  3. Physical activity decreases the chance of some health issues like heart condition, stroke, diabetes, and high vital sign.
  4. Exercising helps scale back feelings of tension and depression, helps stop and manage stress, and promotes mental well-being.
  5. Adults ought to try and be physically active for a minimum of a pair of.5 hours hebdomadally (around half-hour five days/week) at a moderate level.


     7.. Sexual Health


  1. Is concerning the expression of body, mind, and spirit?
  2. This means that we tend to see our sex as a healthy and natural side of WHO we tend to area unit
  3. Is however we tending to categorical ourselves and our feelings for others?
  4. Includes our ideas, values, and beliefs concerning pleasance and the way we tend to categorize that with ourselves et al.
  5. Means abidance your sexual, emotional, and titillating attractions to others, whether they area unit same-sex or woman folk attractions.

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